Rudy Wright

REALTOR® (499262)

When he was too young to legally work, Rudy Wright started doing low-level maintenance and janitorial jobs for Wright-Way. He continued working for the company through high school and shortly after graduation, he became the youngest on-site property manager in Wright-Way’s history, taking over the combined roles of Property Manager and Lead Maintenance Technician of a troubled property in Troup, Texas. In less than a year, he had brought up the occupancy and reduced the spending so that the property owner was able to see a profit for the first time ever. It was there that he began to notice how inefficiently the standard ways of building and maintaining properties truly can be. He learned to be creative in finding solutions that were not only more intelligent but often times more efficient and cost effective. Rudy continued his work on other properties and at the same time continued his education in working smarter, not harder.

When he purchased the company in 1999, there were a few homes that were cleaned by the Maid Service. Rudy focused his energy and attention on gaining more management clients under the Real Estate division, while, at the same time, slowly building back the Maintenance and Remodeling divisions.  

Branching off from the Real Estate Management, Rudy began doing large multi-family property remodels. Over the course of 5 years, Rudy traveled the country giving facelifts to older apartment communities. It was during this time of repairing, remodeling and replacing equipment and structures that he became aware of the Green Building movement. Although, to hear him tell it, he hates the term “Green”!  He will tell you it’s not about “Going Green” it’s about doing things right the first time so they work better, last longer, and are more efficient, therefore costing you less money.

When the time came to “get off the road,” Rudy became passionate about learning everything he could about Green Building and implementing those techniques in the home town that he loves so much. He became a Green Certified Realtor through the National Association of Realtors, a Master Certified Green Professional through the National Association of Home Builders, and a NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer through the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners.  He is also a Journeyman Electrician, as well as holding numerous other certifications and designations. 

In addition to his work on building things Green, Rudy is also passionate about living Green! He has installed Solar PV on his home and the Wright-Way offices to generate power, Solar Thermal on both for water heating, started a Recycling program for the office so that Wright-Way not only purchases recycled items whenever possible but also recycles as much as possible, and constructed a bio-diesel brewing facility to make fuel out of waste vegetable oil for many of the vehicles in the Wright-Way fleet. When not working, Rudy enjoys spending time with his wife, Yvonne Wright, playing with his daughters Amber, Christian, and Lauren, riding his Harley, off-roading his truck, and educating everyone he meets on the things he is passionate about.